Amalfi Coast


Travel by catamaran along the Amalfi coast and islands

The AMALFI COAST is one of the most romantic, elegant and atmospheric itineraries in southern Italy.

Picturesque mountains, panoramas from the sea to the hilly coast strewn with colorful houses and villas, churches, monasteries, and towers of the Saracens.

Grottoes, fjords, a unique "path of the Gods".
Islands with glamorous showcases, with a mystical history, a place of power and fulfillment of desires, thermal springs, a fishing village atmosphere and delicious local cuisine.

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About the route

Amalfi Coast + islands: Capri, Ischia, Procida.

  • The nearest airport is Naples
  • Departure from the port of Marina di Stabia, Castellammare di Stabia ⟶ Sorrento ⟶ Amalfi ⟶ Capri ⟶ Ischia ⟶ Procida ⟶ Marina di Stabia.

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